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Posted 1/10/10 3:28 am~
But I'm still here. Still doing my thing. I'm working hard. I'm putting my house in order. I'm figuring out what I love and what I hate about the  "New Normal" that is "Life After Active Cancer Treatment." (LAACT)  I'm  learning all the things "they" don't tell you along the way-- how to incorporate them into my life, how to fix or get around them as best I can. I'm adjusting. And life is good again sometimes.

It has been a time to forget, a time to learn from, a time to explore what Trial By Fire leaves behind. I will not miss it.

But I'm glad you have been here with me through it. I'm glad I'm still here. I'm glad that there IS a LAACT. I just wish the preparation hadn't lacked quite so much...and that the SE's weren't quite so brutal... and maybe that they weren't this lasting...and, Oh hell, let’s just wish for a cure while we’re at it.

As usual, I think some things should be changed.
You're shocked aren't you?
I knew you would be.

Love and Laughter and Light,
As I get my new "Home on the Web" space together, it will evolve and change quite bit. Hopefully rapidly. Don't count on it. Eventually, this spot, or something like it, will contain a daily "Witter." Yeah, I'll link to the Blog post about what a Witter is too. One day.

For now, please know that you have reached the right page if you're looking for Webwriter.

You have also reached the right page if you were looking for the former CBC (Coffee Break Cafe) Webbie, the one from the Orange Bubble, or the one from BreastCancer.org for that matter. Yes. Webwriter lives here.

Moving forward, tho, from here, I will link up my favorite news feeds from my favorite sites, my new Blog, some photos, and maybe even my business(es.) That is, unless I start writing politically again- and then, well, all bets are off. At some point, a discussion area of some kind, and even an arcade are possible.

But, it can't be a priority for awhile. I've got a lot going on and I wish I could catch you up on it all. But, limits are limits and I'm finding them. (Of course the hard way. You've met me, right?!)

Please trust, I AM feeling better. The joints and bones are not the ones I had before. Neither stamina, nor brain power are what they were either.
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